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Sometimes, you need an escape.

We get it. Here at SpaNaturelle, we believe in the refreshing power of a brisk walk on the beach, letting the waves lap your feet as your eyes scan the sand for treasures.

We’ve harvested the restorative power of the ocean and infused it in our ultra-fine powder masks. Extracted from nutrient-rich seaweed from the coast of France, we created a super hydrating powder from alginates, which can absorb up to 300 times their own weight in water. Just add water to the alginate-based mask and apply the gel to the contours of your client's face. The unique stretched texture of the mask will tighten the skin and create a comforting, refreshing coolness. After a short 20 minutes of repose, peel off the mask in one piece.

Your clients will feel so invigorated, they’ll want to wipe the sand off their feet!